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Why we make a difference

Expertise, experience, enthusiasm and creativity

  • Indaba.Coop is connected with numerous experts from over 20 countries and with a wide range of competences. Our multinational and multicultural roots give us the ability to respond effectively in a variety of cultural environments with a command of several languages, using our innovative 3EC approach©: Expertise, Experience, Enthusiasm and Creativity.
  • The diverse expertise of our members allows us to develop unique bridges between organizations, sustainable development programs and the business world, with a special commitment to the social economy.
  • Our experience in education programs and cooperative learning methods enables us to provide efficient services in the fields of learning, tutoring, coaching and developing relevant educational tools.
  • We approach every mission and task with passion and determination, with full respect for our clients, their needs and their input, providing integrity and confidentiality throughout the collaborative consulting process.
  • In an interactive process, we explore various options and engage in new ways to find creative solutions, help our clients achieve their goals and increase their positive impact on society.