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Sustainable social development

Working with you and the community you serve

You may face challenges relating to:

Designing, managing and evaluating sustainable social development programs

Your need

  • Involve the community in preparing, implementing and evaluating your programs
Our response

Community involvement

We can help you find qualitative and quantitative methods to assess community issues; involve stakeholders in mapping local needs and resources; involve the stakeholders in defining program objectives and activities.

Your need

  • Design and manage programs in a more effective way
Our response

Program design and management

We can help you prepare a project logical matrix, develop a stakeholder analysis, identify problems and set up objectives, develop a strategy, prepare an action plan and a budget, prepare a monitoring and evaluation process.

Your need

  • Get stronger support for your programs
Our response

Develop partnerships, generate support from public authorities and the community

We can help you set up and implement an advocacy and constituency building strategy to obtain support from public and private sectors, network with peer organizations, develop partnerships and build a coalition, promote organizational membership and membership services, generate community support.

Your need

  • Assess the social impact of your programs
Our response

Monitoring and evaluation

We can help you identify why, what and when to evaluate, use appropriate monitoring and evaluation techniques (qualitative and quantitative), collecting both secondary and primary data, involve the community in assessing the social impact, report and communicate on the results achieved, learn from experience (knowledge management).


Furthermore, you may need expertise and support in specific fields of action:


Gender management and mainstreaming

We can help you develop programs to promote gender equality, challenge gender stereotypes and prevent gender-based violence, implement gender analyses for development projects or peace building projects and post-war reconciliation/reconstruction.

Employability and entrepreneurship

We can help you support adults or young people without qualifications design and plan a vocational project, develop programs to improve employability skills and entrepreneurship skills.

Conflict management and peace building

We can help you develop programs to improve the capacity to face conflict situations and manage crises (developing assertiveness, managing fear and stress, coping skills), train mediators and negotiators, implement DDR programs.

Social justice and human rights, inclusion and diversity

We can help you develop human rights-based programs to protect marginalized groups and empower rights holders, promote inclusion instead of assimilation, deal with prejudice, stereotypes, intolerance and discrimination, develop educational and training programs and materials for inclusion and diversity.


We can help you develop awareness raising, advocacy and educational programs on: Rights and responsibilities, Prejudices and stereotypes, The democratic system at local, national and world levels, Taking part in debates and make informed and persuasive arguments, Making collective decisions in a democratic way

Corporate social responsibility

We can help you develop programs to promote the importance and impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility, Develop a business culture of social responsibility and civic engagement (fair labor practices, employee-centered approach, environment, fair-trade practices, involving clients, business partners and communities, transparency and honesty), Develop CSR projects and strategies.

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