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Education & knowledge management

Working with you to improve your learning programs

As manager or leader of an organization – administration, enterprise, association, NGO, etc.– you may face problems or challenges related to:

Developing more efficient and attractive educational programs and methods

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Update your learning approaches and evaluate their impact

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Cooperative learning approaches

We can help you train your trainers, teachers or facilitators on how to develop active learning; use learning approaches based on dialogue, experience and cooperation; prepare, run and evaluate educational activities; involve peer educators; develop appropriate tools to evaluate and recognize personal and collective progresses.

Facilitate the learning process

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Pass from a culture of teaching to a culture of learning

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Helping learners learn more effectively

We can help you identify and remove the barriers to learning; implement collaborative and team learning in your organization; take into account the multiples intelligences to develop more attractive and efficient learning tools, help people learn how to learn.

Acquiring life skills

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Improve the skills of your trainers or learning facilitators

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Training of trainers 

We can help you identify potential trainers/facilitators and provide them with the skills and the tools necessary to implement effective learning programs. We can help them use a systematic approach to identify the needs of your learners, set up educational objectives based on competencies to be demonstrated, select appropriate training methods and tools, prepare training sessions and programs, develop evaluation processes and tools.


Becoming a learning organization

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  • Become a learning organization
Our proposals

Equip your staff with “soft skills“  

We can help you develop lifeskills-based programs to improve their communication and interpersonal skills, Problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills, Coping and self-management skills.

Encourage people to recognize and share their knowledge 

We can help you develop tools for identifying implicit knowledge, making it explicit and formalizing/archiving tools to preserve knowledge, using the ICT technologies to promoting knowledge by making it accessible (e-learning), and combining it to create new capabilities, and develop an ongoing process to update and enrich knowledge.


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