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Our approach

Indaba.Coop is a Geneva-based cooperative of consultants offering services to organizations, institutions and enterprises in four main areas: Organizational development, Sustainable social development, Education & knowledge management, Publishing and ITC development.

We do not believe in ready-made recipes; we are not seeking problems for our own solutions. We join our customers as partners in their endeavors to improve efficiency and design, and implement effective improvements for the benefit of mutual enrichment through:

Finding paths

We propose cooperative approaches and processes that help people think outside the box, identifying their mental model and analyzing their problems through system thinking to find the best solutions adapted to their resources and environment.

Managing knowledge

We help people engage in team learning, making explicit and recognizing implicit skills they have gained from experiences, to share them with others and capitalize on their own knowledge.

Producing resources

We offer comprehensive processes from analyzing problems to building up innovative solutions and creating effective tools.