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Welcome to Indaba.Coop consulting

Welcome to the website of Indaba.Coop, a consulting cooperative based in Geneva, Switzerland, offering services to organizations, institutions and enterprises in four main areas :

  • Organizational development: strategy and planning, change management, human resources and talent management, communication and branding strategy, techniques for public relations, administrative and financial management, editing, translation, Web development and social networking strategy.
  • Sustainable social development: livelihood improvement, fight against discrimination and poverty, human rights, gender equality, civic and social participation, inclusion and diversity, peace promotion and conflict management, corporate social responsibility, participatory mapping of local communities’ needs and resources, involving local communities in designing, implementing and evaluating social development programs.
  • Health: global health policies and international relations in health; health systems and policy; healthcare management and evaluation; primary health care and human rights approach to health; health promotion and health education; development and implementation of e-health, e-health tools and methodologies; training, development and management of human resources in health.
  • Education and knowledge management: cooperative approaches in education; design, implementation and evaluation of non formal education programs, peer education, youth participation and youth empowerment, life skills, emotional and sexual education, health education, development education, peace education, gender education, social and professional integration, citizenship education, transition from adolescence to adulthood.

What does Indaba mean ?

This Zulu word describes meetings between community leaders to get to know each other and move forward together, without prejudices or protocol barriers. An Indaba creates a space of real conversation between the parties, where everyone has a voice and where there is an attempt to find a common mind. Inspired by this African philosophy, we approach every mission and task with interest and determination, using our innovative 3EC approach©: Expertise, Experience, Enthusiasm and Creativity, with full respect for our clients, their needs and their input, providing integrity and confidentiality throughout the collaborative consulting process.

To help our clients achieve their goals and increase their positive impact in the society, we explore various options with them, in order to engage and interact in new ways towards creative solutions.


Indaba.Coop is a multicultural cooperative of people from various nationalities and backgrounds. We are connected with numerous colleagues from over twenty countries and with a wide range of competences. Our multi-national and multi-cultural roots give us the ability to respond effectively in a variety of cultural environments with a command of several languages.

For us, multiculturalism is a value and one of the main wealths of mankind. We believe that an open society, enriched by exchanges between various cultures, is providing better opportunities for economic development, social inclusion, well-being and personal accomplishment. We consider intercultural communication an unparalleled opportunity to overcome our mental models and access greater knowledge and wisdom.

Therefore, our consultants are able to adapt and work in a large diversity of cultural backgrounds. They have a large international experience and are able to communicate in various languages.

One of our specialities is to prepare professionals to live and work, expatriates, in foreign countries and communicate positively with people from different cultures and origins.